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  • Barrett Brown on Intellectual Dishonesty, Excuses, and Knowing What the Hell You’re Getting Yourself Into in Activism

    Originally posted on The Pursuance Project:
    As posted previously on Facebook: Men who obtain power by stirring up hatred against racial and religious minorities are the enemy. Anyone who supports such men are also the enemy, regardless of whether you’ve…

  • Aaron Swartz Day interviews with Barrett Brown and Steve Phillips

    Originally posted on The Pursuance Project:
    Aaron Swartz, The Internet’s Own Boy, was driven to suicide by aggressive prosecutorial overreach. Facing decades in custody, this gifted and community-focused programmer took his own life rather than rot away in a prison…

  • Coming soon: Pursuance, the music!

    Originally posted on The Pursuance Project:
    We are flattered, honoured, and delighted to announce that on November 17 German artist AGF aka poemproducer aka Antye Greie will release her latest album, Solidicity, on Bandcamp, featuring a song inspired by our very…

  • Finding the (Alleged) Equifax Hackers

    Originally posted on Weapons Grade Shinanigans:
    In case you’ve been living under a rock since the afternoon of 9/7/2017, it should come as no surprise that Equifax recently disclosed one of the worst hacks in history. Equifax states that the…

  • #AntiSpyBill Event Tonight Featuring Lauri Love, Kim Dotcom, Lee Camp, Suzi Dawson, and more


    Tonight the Internet Party of New Zealand is hosting a major international event live online, featuring interviews with internet eminents including Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom, alleged hacktivist and Cryptosphere contributor Lauri Love, political refugee and new Internet Party head… Read More ›

  • Keynote Speech at WordCamp Ottawa: WordPress for Revolutionaries!

    Originally posted on raincoaster media:
    WordCamp Ottawa is on! Well, it’s on the 20th, 22nd, and 23rd of July! WordPress for Revolutionaries! An ambitious title, an ambitious talk, for my inaugural keynote speech! I’ve given a variation of this talk…

  • A Plea from Lauri Love

    Originally posted on The Gad About Town:
    The waiting is torture enough. Any individual placed in confrontation with the legal system knows that the process somehow moves too quickly in the most painful ways and then too slowly in other,…

  • Press Release: Swiss Domain Registry Switch threatening to disable

    Originally posted on hacktivist culture:
    Statement from The Swiss Pirate Party in English, German and French. It also doubles as an open letter to Wikileaks and their team. F o r   i m m e d i a t…

  • London Attack at Westminster Apparently Targeted via 4Chan, Pastebin

    Pray for London via the Hummingbird on Twitter

    The London attack on the Westminster Bridge and the Palace of Westminister (ie Parliament) which has ended the lives of five including one attacker and a policeman, and wounded 40 others was apparently targeted via posts on the infamous troll board… Read More ›

  • The 12 Days of Fedmas

    They Live in our hearts at Christmas Time

    This festive seasonal carol comes to us from the fertile brain of John. A. Ninpo on Facebook, and perfectly expresses the experience of social media activism in 2016 which can, by the way, eat a bowl of dicks. Bring on… Read More ›

  • Op/Ed: Irina Tsukerman on Spies, Lies, and Reality

    Eye Spy

    We will be very surprised if this editorial, from lawyer Irina Tsukerman, does not cause kerfuffles a-plenty. Not every whistleblower is a whistleblower, and not every action which inconveniences those in power is worthy of worship. Pull up a chair,… Read More ›

  • #FreeMartyG Operation Announced for Marty Gottesfeld, Alleged #Anonymous Hacker

    Free Marty G

    Marty Gottesfeld resides in custody, held without bail, for allegedly attacking a hospital’s website via DDoS, in retaliation for the hospital’s alleged (there’s that word again) mistreatment of Justina Pelletier. Well, the mistreatment was actually real, separating her legally and… Read More ›

  • Who Is #Anonymous? A Viceland Video Report

    Anonymous by Enrique Dans

    This 22-minute video from Ben Makuch and the team at Viceland delves into the origin of Anonymous and their evolution from an amoral lulz-based prank collective to a “moralfagging,” weaponized activist hive. Featuring interviews with former LulzSec members Mustafa Al-Bassam… Read More ›

  • Tyranny of Structurelessness?

    The recent sexual assault and bullying allegations against Jacob Applebaum, formerly of Tor, have caused the digital security community to re-examine itself in the quest to prevent similar situations from arising in the future. In this guest post from McGill… Read More ›

  • FreeAnons Endorses September 9 National Prisoner Strike

    Support Prisoner Resistance via FreeAnons

    This important post is borrowed (with permission of the author) from the FreeAnons website, and announces the semi-regular return of The Cryptosphere. Sorry we’ve been gone for more or less six solid months. Things are returning to our normal “extremely… Read More ›