New Russian Target List from the IT Army of Ukraine

They’re on a roll, with three updates in 36 hours. Today they’re continuing to hit the Russian drone industry, and adding new targets suggested by hacktivist supporters around the world. Shall we get into it? Let’s get into it.

I now pronounce you meta!


In addition, we add Russian military dealers and your recommendations for drone stores to the list of targets.

Додаємо воєнторги і ваші рекомендації щодо магазинів дронів до загального списку цілей.

Targets (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp)
http://xn--b1albicss.xn--p1ai/ (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp)
http://xn--80aaebntaodyajhmq7r7a.xn--p1ai/ (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp)

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