IT Army of Ukraine celebrates Ukrainian Independence Day by Defacing Major ISPs in Occupied Crimea

Just what it says on the tin. They must have been working on this for awhile and saving for a special occasion. Russia threatened major attacks on Ukraine on the anniversary of its independence from Russia, to the point where large public gatherings of celebration were banned, for safety.

Well, that special occasion has finally arrived. Early on August 24th, the IT Army of Ukraine announced on its Telegram channel that they had defaced the main page of Miranda Media, one of the largest Internet Service Providers in Russian-occupied Crimea.


Happy Independence Day to you too!

As of roughly 24 hours later, the site is completely offline.

The ITAU (it appears acting without its hacktivist supporters, behind the scenes) then took down fellow Crimea-occupying vatnik ISP Farline, which is at this point up and running and no longer defaced.

And Crelcom as well, which is fully down.

Meanwhile, the hacktivists themselves have not been idle.

Nor, as usual, have the soldiers of Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini!

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  1. IT Army of Ukraine celebrates Ukrainian Independence Day by Defacing Major ISPs in Occupied Crimea – The Cryptosphere – Sonya news 2

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