The Cryptosphere aims to put into plain English the crazy, crazy, mixed-up world of hackers, hacktivism, cyberwar, cryptocurrency, leakers, spies, viruses, trojans, worms, and John McAfee, who is several of these things all by himself.

We introduce and explain the personalities and issues of the online conflict zone, and offer short news roundups as well as in-depth interviews and features.

Check out our Contributors Page, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter as well. Or TheCryptosphere@gmail.com. Encrypted emails by arrangement: rayjoha2992@protonmail.ch . BTC wallet 1DhLM7wAg2wT8s6tmrQxfrqH5rMHJg7K7U.

Since our launch on July 14, 2014, we have been featured in or linked to by Gawker, Boingboing, BlackBag, Mother Jones, and PC Magazine.

Be seeing you!

2 replies

  1. Just curious how a site can have crypto in the name and not be HTTPS.. It’s like $50 bucks for a SSL cert or you could do a self signed sert for free. Just sayin..

    And RSS plzkthx.


    • RSS link is in the footer if you can’t figure it out from the URL.

      Not HTTPS because WordPress.com for DDoS invulnerability. It’s a tradeoff; they’re working on a solution for domain-mapped sites that will bring the cost of certificates down. Dashboard of course is https.


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