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I am a poet and journalist and so on amber so forth in rows magnet.

  • Numbers: Two Dead in Virginia

    Peace Monument by Peter Roan on Flickr

    Give sorrow words. – William Shakespeare Every death’s a knot, A thorn that snags the soul. I sing my grief into the ground And cover up the hole. No simple anodyne, These actions that we take To sanctify the absences… Read More ›

  • Numbers: Badawi to His Torturers

    They go from strength to strength, every one of them in Zion appeareth before God. – Psalm 84:7 Cracking and shattering, Shoulders and ribcages Stronger than oak under Cane after cane: “Pain is the weaponry Favored by weaklings and Strength… Read More ›

  • Numbers: Autocorrect

    Danny Deepdream via Danny Dannington on Twitter

    The Internet will never be your friend, It isn’t now and won’t be at the end. It’s not a tool of which you are the master, It’s just a way to sell a little faster. No magic kingdom, this plutocracy,… Read More ›


    White House Rainbow by Nate Fluharty on Twitter

    The people whom we always clamber on, Who feel our grasping hands and get our calls, Whose smiles we pay for long before they’re gone And in whose light or dark we rise or fall, Are fools and preening idiots… Read More ›

  • Numbers: The Boy Who’d Kill

    Ross Ulbricht and kitteh via BoingBoing on Twitter

    “Let the man rap a plan, said he’d send him home. But his hope was a rope, and he should have known.” – Curtis Mayfield (Freddie’s Dead) The boy who’d kill Is now your hero His central skill Is playing… Read More ›

  • Numbers: Morpheme Tales II

    NINE: Manhunt in the Heartland (Muñoz Was a Righteous Bust) I hear the inner intern’s bobbin knob popping, an interurban daily Davey Crockett slop bucket parapet stopping clocks on the aboveground spot to talk shop. Check the squeaking jobbers on… Read More ›

  • Numbers: Onomastics

    Phobos: Image via Wikimedia

    “Midway through this life of ours I found myself in a dark wood, for the straight way was lost.” – Dante Alighieri We name the things we fear And by so doing, weaken them. When what we dread’s unclear We… Read More ›

  • Numbers: Large Number Theory


    “The true mystery of the world is the visible.” – Oscar Wilde Medieval lunch box chums sprinkle salt on shams, Yielding to tramlines that run up the backs of stockings. Pronghorn antelope burst apart in a shower of springs Amid… Read More ›

  • Numbers: The News

    Reporter Notepad Prototype by NapInterrupted on Flickr

    “The dwarfs found out how to turn lead into gold by doing it the hard way. The difference between that and the easy way is that the hard way works.” – Terry Pratchett It’s hard to get the news from blogs,… Read More ›

  • Numbers: The Fiction of a Lock

    Master lock, "r00t" password by Scott Schiller on Flickr

    “Open, locks, Whoever knocks!” – Wm. Shakespeare The day a man first locked his door, His neighbor learned to lift the latch. He bent a branch and stripped a switch And softly crossed the empty floor. The rich throw bolts… Read More ›

  • Numbers: The Wolf from Pisgah

    White Wolf via @Minerva_Wild on Twitter for #SaveSweWolves

    “Our dead never forget the beautiful world that gave them life.” – Chief Si’alh “I became a transparent eye­ball; I am nothing; I see all.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson I could not cross the river with The wolf I saw… Read More ›

  • Numbers: The Death of Alberto Nisman

    Yo Soy Nisman

    “I depart for the great Maybe.” – François Rabelais  The day Alberto Nisman died Flowers broke his skull, His eyes like prisms bent the light And plenty burst from null. The single truth a life secures By simply being so Unravels… Read More ›

  • Numbers: The Capital of Hell

    Vimy Ridge: the Canada Mourns Statue

    “The only objects of practical reason are those of good and evil.” — Immanuel Kant How do pimps beseech and praise their god? In the sky, the temple doors are charred And all the cafes are ghosted with the dead…. Read More ›

  • Numbers: On Sony’s Decision to Pull The Interview

    The Interview

    “Death is nothing to us.” – Lucretius There was a time When movies played Our dreams and crimes In light and shade. Who made the movies Made the world, From win­or­lose To boy­meets­girl, Like Fox and Mayer, Lang, Renoir, De… Read More ›

  • Numbers: Schrödinger’s Cat

    Cat in a box. Metaphor in a poem.

    “I must be cruel, only to be kind.” – William Shakespeare For this is journalism: X was true, but Y wasn’t, Here a church, there a prison. Instead, Jackie’s in a box, A topological hex, That kills as often as… Read More ›