Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for March 12

Bitcoin Believer by scottks on Flickr

Bitcoin Believer by scottks on Flickr

Welcome to Thursday, or as we like to call it at Global Cryptosphere HQ, “Weekend’s Eve.” Actually that sounds like a feminine hygiene product for use by perimenopausal carnies, doesn’t it? Yeah, forget I said anything at all.

Here are some nice, brain-cleansing news headlines to serve as a unicorn chaser to freshen your thoughts as we head towards week’s end. Which sounds like British schoolboy code for the most popular fellow in the dormitory. Well, at least I’m consistent.

Assange gets his day in court: Swedish Supreme Court Appeal Okayed (Telesur)

Bitcoin case: Police investigate the Bitcoin cashing of 440000 Euros (CyberWarZone)

All About OTR (2600FB)

Irony Alert: More Like FiatDesk: CoinDesk Launches Deal Site Without Bitcoin Support (CoinTelegraph)

Why Is Canada Winning the Drone Race (PopularScience)

ICE Seeks Public’s Help IDing John Doe Child Predator (ICE)

New smoking gun further ties NSA to omnipotent “Equation Group” hackers (ArsTechnica)

The Apple iPhone Conspiracy is Real (Gawker)

Six Things Protesters Need to Know about Bill C-51 (TheTyee)

Panda antivirus labels itself as malware, then borks EVERYTHING (TheRegister)

The failures of the information security infrastructure for journalists (RCFP)

Big Oil Says Thanks! Strands Laid-Off Workers in Remote Canadian North (CTV)

Apple Watch scams target Twitter and Facebook users (HelpNet)

Rights activist: Suspect in Nemtsov killing apparently tortured (LATimes)

Perestroika in the Soviet Union: 30 Years On (NationalSecurityArchives)

The DNA of Tomorrow: Engineering the Perfect Baby (MIT)

Bunga Bunga Berlusconi’s Legacy Secure (DealBreaker)

Apple Pay: Bridging Online and Big Box Fraud (Krebs)

Meet n00bs CTF (Capture the Flag) Labs (InfosecInstitute)

Turkey’s spy chief cancels plans to run for office (IntelNews)

Venezuela: a Coup in Real Time (CounterPunch)

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