Reprints: #FuckSabu and Here’s Why

This is a reprint from my personal blog from two years ago. If you’ve been following the #OpDDD story so far, you’ll know why it’s a timely read. At the time it was written, we didn’t yet know that the deal he’d made with the FBI in fact did not allow him to maintain custody of the children. Now that he’s doing the media circuit claiming that he “did it for the kids” it’s time to review some hard truths about Hector Xavier Monsegur, aka Sabu.

Fuck Sabu, Fuck FBI

Fuck Sabu, Fuck FBI

If you don’t know who Sabu is, this post isn’t going to clarify a single damn thing, except that you, my friend, do not want to be Sabu right now, or ever, really. And you certainly don’t want to have been Sabu during the Stratfor hack, because reasons.

If you don’t know who Jeremy Hammond is, allow me to refer you to this post and this article, and now that you’re all up to speed, I’d like to paste in here for posterity a post I made over on the completely impartial Julian Assange Fancier’s Guild.

I resent Sabu’s turning more than Lamo’s because Lamo never actually turned. He didn’t betray a movement that he’d been part of. He wasn’t One of Us, as it were. He’s said that politically we are complete opposites.

Sabu could have been a great man if he hadn’t ratted out his brothers-in-arms. I honestly don’t care about his children. I don’t. He did more harm to the world they’ll grow up in than can be conceived of. And god help me, but he really HAD IT; he had what it took to fire up tens of thousands of people and create an inspired force working for the cause of freedom. And he turned. I don’t care about his reasons: I’m sure they’re nice kids, but in a hundred years they’ll be dust just like all the rest of us. And if the US is still a prison state, it will be in part because of his failure of courage.

Let him explain that to those children he’s doomed to grow up in that state.

Say it with me, my friends: Fuck Sabu.

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  1. the best part of Sabu ran down the mailmans leg as he was boofing Sabus mom. Now his children will grow up with people calling them rat children or even call them rats. You Know the saying , like father like son what a piece of dog dung putting his children as reson he turned. He turned cause he couldn’t make it in prison, he’d be someone’s bitch , their property to pimp out to other lifers as they please Sabu would have come out of prison with a asshole the size of Grand Canyon . His or should I say her name would be Sabrina not Sabu any longer . The poor excuse of saying he ratted for his kids is full of shit cause if it looks like a rat smells like a rat snitches like a rat its a rat. So to Sabus children I say how does it feel to know your dad might ever rat u out someday to keep from prison not caring that u go. Your dads as low as they go right there with child molesters rapist and perverts . He keeps good company
    Sabu :I Max Voltage say fuck you u snitch fucker

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  2. Is it true that all anonymous members often die on their knees begging for mercy when they discover they can’t hide behind twitter?



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