Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto #News for August 19

Sound in the Round via the Vault of the Atomic Space Age on Facebook

The night Deadmau5 was conceived? Sound in the Round via the Vault of the Atomic Space Age on Facebook

Happy hump day, kittens! We’ve got a heapin’ helpin’ of hacker, hacktivist, and cybery-type news for you today, so put some Martin Denny on the hi-fi, settle into your LexMod Eero Saarinen Chair, and get ready to read.

Dox o’ the Day: The Ashley Madison Cheaters Customer database dump, by categories. (Pastebin) Look at all these email addresses from: 6788 emails, 1665 emails, 809, 206, 127 and, dispelling certain rumours that the whole Vatican is gay, 104.

Being the Official #1 Hacker in the World Still Won’t Save You From Tech Support Sniggering At You (2600Facebook) Have you tried jiggling the handle?

How Yuppies Hacked the Original Hacker Ethos (Aeon) When the going gets lucrative, the yuppies move in. This is why we can’t have nice things for long (once they become worth money).

Why and How Banks Should Embrace Blockchain Tech (Coindesk) Then again, some welcome our Wall Street overlords

Amber Rose Was Used To Trick Models Into Prostitution (DListed) This is evil, but quite clever. You can blame basically anything on technical issues.

Whose Side Are the Oath Keepers in Ferguson On? (Gawker) A terrific, in-depth look at the heavily armed militia’s goals, leadership, and methods.

Did YOU make the list? The Islamic State’s ‘wanted dead’ list in Libya (TheLongWarJournal) Me neither. There’s always next year!

Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private server may net more than just emails (Guardian) This just keeps getting better and better: there may be other State Department staffers who used the private email system to route around government protections.

Hillary Clinton is Living the Meme!

Completing the Hillary Hat Trick: What, Me Wipey? (TownHall) Like you’ve ever dusted in your LIFE.

Fundraiser o’ the Day: Gregg Housh has launched a RebelNews site, and he wants YOU (Kickstarter)

The Revolving Door at TOR (Pando) Executive director has left to work with Norse, a private Infosec firm

Copytrolling of the Day: DIY Tractor Repair Runs Afoul Of Copyright Law (NPR) Fix your own tractor, Farmer John? Yeah, that’s a felony

Two Women Make History by Passing Army’s Elite Ranger School (NBC) But they’re still not allowed to become Rangers

Download o’ the Day: Journal of Information Warfare (NSA via Cryptome) There’s your beach read for the last few days of August, done!

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