Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Dec 8

when ur doom comes 4 u an u wont open door via Tumblr

Happy Tuesday, kittens! Caffeine in hand? Better yet, caffeine in belleh? Excellent! At Cryptosphere Global HQ we managed to screw up the buttons on the new deluxe espresso maker and pour six shots of espresso instead of an Americano this morning, so we’re anticipating never before seen levels of productivity, if only in fidgeting and tabbing furiously back and forth. And now, the news…

Rather terrifying new credit card stealing malware  exists outside your whole operating system (FireEye)

OpFerguson participant gets 30 months (WashingtonTimes)

The Isis papers: leaked documents show how Isis is building its state (Guardian)

How-To o’ the Day: The Chaser’s Guide to Tax Havens (TheChaser)

Petition o’ the Day: Pardon CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling (RootsAction)

Conservative MP doubles down on faking her own death threat (BBC)

This is what you get when you try to out-VICE VICE (Huffpo)

Google Spying on 40 Million K-12 Students, Privacy Advocates Call for Federal Sanctions (AlterNet)

Corrupt Insiders, Lax Laws, and How High-Tech Passport Security Is Backfiring (Vice)

Secret Service Agent Gets Six-Year Sentence for Bitcoin Theft (CoinDesk)

You’re not paranoid: they really ARE out to get you. Everyone can be a target (DebianNews)

Three Irish Councillors caught on tape asking for bribes (Journal.IE)

A fascinating search engine for the Internet of Things (Thingful) try searching, say, thermostats in Greenland

Alleged hit-and-run driver arrested after her car rats her out (CNet)

72 DHS employees are on the Terrorist Watchlist (FreeBeacon)

The Myth of the Crisis Actor OR: Not All Sobbing Brunettes Are The Same (Snopes)

We Talked to One of the World Trade Center Bombers About ISIS and Mass Shootings (Vice)

Pirate Bay’s .org Domain Suspended (TorrentFreak)

#GOPDildo is the greatest political movement of our time (GOPDildo)

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  1. I like the bird on the wiper. I really like the animated snow, too. I wrote one of those as one of my first video hacks, back in the old days of text terminals.


    • I know it’s corny as all hell, but I love it and look forward to it every year. This is also my first year with a Christmas tree in at least eight years, so I’m quite happy. Now I’m off to watch a supercut of all the Christmas scenes from all the Harry Potter movies.


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