Numbers: The Wolf from Pisgah

White Wolf via @Minerva_Wild on Twitter for #SaveSweWolves

White Wolf via @Minerva_Wild on Twitter for #SaveSweWolves

“Our dead never forget the beautiful world that gave them life.” – Chief Si’alh

“I became a transparent eye­ball; I am nothing; I see all.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I could not cross the river with
The wolf I saw on Pisgah.
I walked a while in mist and myth
But lost him in the boscage.

I wandered realms here reason ruled
And he the sphere of dreams.
I saw him drink from fairy pools
And bite the world’s seams.

I name him: Fenrir, Amarok,
The Opener of Ways,
Tivachi, Isa, Geri, Freki,
Eater of the Day.

Without mankind the wolf would thrive
From sea to mountain waste,
But we will lose all claim to life
When we lock the final gate.


Numbers is a weekly news commentary column in poetical form by Curt Hopkins. “Numbers” is an historic term for poetry, and also alludes to the numbers in programming. 

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