Continued Attacks on the Drone Industry in Russia by the IT Army of Ukraine

Whatever y’all are doing, it’s working. One of the things you’re doing is adding related target suggestions by emailing them to the ITAU, so today we have an update to yesterday’s list, still drone-focused. Let’s get to it!


We continue to prevent equip the orcs with drones. Your recommendations have been added to the list of targets.

You can grant access to your cloud resources to our bot that will launch a coordinated attack from all the available servers. It has been improved and it is already possible to transfer servers with a non-standard ssh port. More info


Продовжуємо заважати доукомплектовувати орків. Додали до цілей ваші рекомендації.

Кожен бажаючий може надати свої хмарні ресурси боту, який буде централізовано запускати атаку одночасно з усіх отриманих серверів. Його доопрацювали і вже можна переносити сервери з нестандартним портом ssh. Детальніше (

Targets (80/tcp) (80/tcp, 443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp)
https://xn--c1adyelhlm.xn--p1ai/ (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp)

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    The IT Army of Ukraine continues its attacks on the Russian drone industry for the second day, with an expanded target list.



  1. Continued Attacks on the Drone Industry in Russia by the IT Army of Ukraine – The Cryptosphere – Sonya news 2

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