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  • Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously.

    Originally posted on vellumatlanta:
    “The software is functioning as intended,” said Amber. “Wait,” I asked, “so it’s supposed to delete my personal files from my internal hard drive without asking my permission?” “Yes,” she replied. Maybe I’m Not Pressing the…

  • Business Rocks 2016 Hackathon for the Homeless

    Originally posted on hacktivist culture:
    Business Rocks 2016 has hosted a global hackathon in a bid to help solve the ever-growing problem of homelessness through technology. From Manchester’s City Centre to the shores of the Mediterranean, homelessness isn’t just about rough sleepers…

  • Social Media Camp is Coming! Catch Us There!

    10 days to Social Media Camp

      Yes, kittens, in a mere ten days Social Media Camp begins in Victoria, BC, with speakers including your humble editrix. Use the special discount code “Raincoaster” for $100 off registration package AND get a free lunch with moi in… Read More ›

  • Crypto-Affirmations (or Crypto-Negations) for a Very Monday Monday

    Haters Gonna Hate...Anonymous! via Trollonymous on Blogspot

    if you know what we mean. Today’s Crypto-Affirmations or rather their Debbie Downer equivalent, come to us from our old friend, Professor Gabriella Coleman of McGill University in Montreal. This one has just the right mix of adorable and soul-chilling,… Read More ›

  • Edward Snowden Beams Into Vancouver, Talks #PanamaPapers, #BigData, #Security

    Mike Rogers, DHS Director, has a secret life. Via Jason Charney on Facebook

    Edward Snowden skyped into Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre for a talk entitled “Big Data, Security, and Human Rights” on April 5, and here it is! We’re a little behind with our Snowden Events coverage, but I blame Simon Fraser University,… Read More ›

  • Paying the Piper: #PanamaPapers, or How Your Ghost in the Shell Returns


    Semi-regular contributor AnonyOdinn has long since moved off Twitter and onto Diaspora, but he continues to publish his blog at Cyberguerilla. That is why he is here today: somebody apparently took exception to something Cyberguerilla said (which may or may… Read More ›

  • Hacking Homelessness at Business Rocks

    Originally posted on hacktivist culture:
    What do you get when you combine a hundred hackers with a bunch of business billionaires? Just maybe a solution for global homelessness! Manchester, UK, April 15, 2016:  At 9am on April 21, the Business…

  • “Love Must Prevail,” says Assange on the eve of Lauri Love’s court appearance

    Lauri Love screengrab from RT YouTube

    UPDATE: Facebook has banned sharing the direct link to the article on Facebook, but thanks to the quick thinking of @AnarcKat you can share using this retro-futuristic QR code. Many thanks for a clever workaround! Lauri Love, the 31-year-old activist,… Read More ›

  • Presenting: Your Humble Editor, at Social Media Camp May 5-7 in Victoria

    Kittens explain social media, they explain everything.

    Yes kittens, I’m headed back to the #YYJ for another Social Media Camp, Canada’s largest social media conference, in gorgeous downtown Victoria. I know that’s a cliche, but it’s literally true and I don’t know anyone who isn’t thrilled at… Read More ›

  • Personal Statement: Do not cry wolf! #OpNimr of #Anonymous

    OpNimr via AnonymousVideo

    Originally posted on hacktivist culture:
    Sunday March 13th: Personal statement regarding the recent article in the Saudi state newspaper Okaz on Friday March 11 about four men condemned to death From Dubai I hear the following: Death sentences against four…

  • Review: ProtonMail Releases Encrypted App

    ProtonMail via Cryptocoinnews

    When The Cryptosphere was offered a free play-test of the new ProtonMail app for encrypted email, we knew we’d need to hand this off to someone a little more knowledgable than your humble editor. Enter Alex Berta of Geek Republic… Read More ›

  • Send Jon a birthday card (It’s easy! Just type & click!)

    Originally posted on Support Jon Cowden:
    Jon’s birthday is on February 18th and we want to make it as special as possible. Since we can’t throw him a birthday party in prison, we’re making it a Birthday Card Party! You…

  • Why #Bitcoin Consensus Matters

    Bitcoin Safe by BTC Keychain on Flickr

    As usual, frequent contributor and cryptocurrency philosopher/mage Nozomi Hayase has gone deep into the heart of the recent Bitcoin existential crisis, and come up with some powerful insights. Whether you’re gripped by fear, paralyzed by confusion, or dazzled by the… Read More ›

  • Alleged La Loche shooter sent ‘chilling’ chat messages about killing two people before heading to school

    According to a teenager who survived the La Loche school shooting, the perpetrator texted his intentions before the violence began. “Right now, La Loche is devastated,” said an emotional First Nation chief after at least four people were killed and… Read More ›

  • A history of school shootings in Canada

    A brief history of the brief history of school shootings in Canada. Tighter gun control regulations mean that fewer people have access to assault rifles, etc, and it is instructive to see the way in which these events reflect the… Read More ›