#OpRussia Hacktivist Target List from the IT Army of Ukraine for June 9

Here are today’s targets for the world’s largest hacktivist action, led by the IT Army of Ukraine against the invading Russian forces. The goal here is to disrupt the Russian economy, show the government cannot protect the Russian people, and cause them to become disgruntled, uncooperative, and possibly even revolutionary as a result of loss of faith in Putin.

So far, so good!

The Cryptosphere

One is not sure, one is not, whether or not to put the year in the title, but here’s hoping we will never need that.

Which is just what one thought at the beginning of the pandemic, but oh well…

Let’s get to it, shall we?

First of all, it appears that targets on their target list are staying down longer than previously, which means either that the DDoS weapons are improving significantly or that more people are running them more of the time. Either way, good news for Ukraine, bad news for the Russian economy.

As always, remember your operational security is your own responsibility. Use Tor, then sign into a good VPN (the free ones all log and most of the paid ones do too, but if you enter from Tor they can’t sell you out in the same way). If you leave no prints, you don’t have…

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