IT Army of Ukraine list of Russian targets for June 10

Welcome back, Possums! Ready for your daily dose of DDoS targets? We’ve got ’em, hot off the presses (well, the Telegram group) and only slightly delayed to hit that North American market just as it’s getting its first, life-giving coffee of the day.

If you want the list LIVE-live, you can either join the IT Army of Ukraine‘s Telegram group, or you can follow raincoaster or The Cryptosphere on Twitter.

Here we go!

Patron sez hi
Patron sez hi


[In reply to IT ARMY of Ukraine]
Продовжуємо атакувати ресурси сервісу “Мои Документы” ( Список ( всіх актуальних цілей. Якщо ви юзаєте mhddos_proxy то не забудьте про прапорець –itarmy

We continue to attack the “Moi Documenty” ( (My Documents) resources. List ( of current targets. If you use mhddos_proxy, don’t forget to tag –itarmy


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  1. IT Army of Ukraine list of Russian targets for June 10 – The Cryptosphere – Sonya news 2

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