Target List from the IT Army of Ukraine for June 14

Strap in, fire up Tor, sign into your VPN, and optimize your opsec, because shit’s getting real in cyberspace.

A website associated with the ITAU has been seized by the FBI…although so far no word on whether it was actions in support of Ukraine that led to the seizure. And frankly, my instincts say not likely, as the site is independent of ITAU but had assisted in their DDoS attacks.The site predates the Russian war on Ukraine, having been registered more than a year ago in March of 2021.Always risky, advertising a booter stresser on the open web: just ask Lizard Squad.

Nonetheless, the ITAU are looking for volunteers who know their way around a DDoS attack, which is not typically something you list on your LinkedIn page. Formally allying yourself as a volunteer may offer some legal protection, but the waters are still very murky and I can’t think of any reason you’d put your real name on the application; use your hacker handle, duh.

Anyhoodle, you know the routine by now. All text below other than headlines is by ITAU. Happy hunting, and sail safe!

Welcome to Ukraine, bitch
Welcome to Ukraine, bitch

Today’s Announcement

As everyone knows, there is no justice in russia, so judicial information systems are useless to them.

List ( of current targets. If you use mhddos_proxy, don’t forget to tag –itarmy

Як всі знають, що на росії відсутнє правосуддя, тому й судові інформаційні системи їм там ні до чого.

Список всіх актуальних цілей можна переглянути тут ( Якщо ви юзаєте mhddos_proxy то не забудьте про прапорець –itarmy

Target List (80/tcp, 443/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp, 443/tcp) (80/tcp, 443/tcp) (80/tcp, 443/tcp) (80/tcp, 443/tcp) (80/tcp, 443/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp, 443/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp, 443/tcp)

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