Hacktivist Target List from the IT Army of Ukraine for June 6

Aaaaand we’re back. If the national capital could just keep the power and the internet both running at the same time, being a journalist in Ottawa would be a lot easier. Anyhoodle, let’s get to it, shall we?

For those tuning in late, every morning Ukraine time/middle of the night Ottawa time, the IT Army of Ukraine releases a list of Russian website targets they request help with. They’ve also created a number of cyber-weapons which they make available for download: Death by 1,000 Needles, for instance, automatically updates with each morning’s new target list so you’re always hitting the proper targets.

DDoS attacks like this depend on volume; the more people who participate, the more likely the targets are to be taken offline. And they only remain offline as long as volumes are high. The object here is not to deface, not to destroy, and not to infiltrate or steal information: the object here is to fuck with Russia’s economy, and to show the Russian people that the Russian government is not all-powerful.

All text below except headers and comments in square brackets is directly quoted from the IT Army of Ukraine. I’ve edited it to put the English first, for SEO reasons, and corrected a couple of typos.

sic transit gloria Russi
sic transit gloria Russi

News from the Cyberwar!

On the night of June 5th, hackers breached the Russian ministry of construction, housing and utilities infrastructure website. They placed a “Glory to Ukraine” sign in the header and warned that they would make the ministry’s database publicly available if they were not paid a ransom of 0,5 bitcoin to reward their efforts.

Let’s join the attacks on the Russian public resources. They seem to get way too relaxed :)

Вночі 5 червня хакери зламали сайт міністерства будівництва та житлово-комунального господарства росії. Вони замінили заголовок сайту на гасло “Слава Україні!” і пообіцяли, що розмістять отриману базу даних користувачів міністерства будівництва рф в загальний доступ, якщо не отримають винагороду в розмірі 0,5 біткоїну за свої старання.

Давайте в ці дні також приєднуємося до атак на державні ресурси рф, а то бачите як вони розслабилися :)

Target List

https://parlamentchr.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://irkobl.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.mos.ru (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
http://www.zspk.gov.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
http://sdnao.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://gov.karelia.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.dumahmao.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.belduma.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.vskhakasia.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://egov-buryatia.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
http://www.khural.org/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.tambov.gov.ru (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://chechnya.gov.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
http://www.duma.yar.ru/ (80/tcp)
https://www.zskuzbass.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.samregion.ru (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.primorsky.ru (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.yarregion.ru/default.aspx (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.novreg.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.akzs.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.zsto.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
http://www.adygheya.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.dumask.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
http://www.gsrm.ru/ (80/tcp)
https://iltumen.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.vologdazso.ru/ (443/tcp)
http://karelia-zs.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://zsro.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://75.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp) (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://parlament09.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
http://www.zsuo.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://tularegion.ru (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.kubzsk.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://belregion.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.gov.spb.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.ivoblduma.ru/ (443/tcp)
https://vologda-oblast.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.sakha.gov.ru (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.zskaluga.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.zsvo.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.e-mordovia.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
http://www.kurganoblduma.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://saratov.gov.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
http://www.vrnoblduma.ru/ (80/tcp)
http://alania.gov.ru/ (80/tcp)
https://www.khabkrai.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
http://zsso.ru/ (80/tcp)
https://sakhalin.gov.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://samgd.ru/~portal/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
http://www.udmurt.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.amurobl.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://avo.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://zsnso.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
https://www.chelduma.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
http://crimea.gov.ru/ (80/tcp)
http://www.duma.khv.ru/ (80/tcp)
https://novoblduma.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)
http://pnzreg.ru/ (80/tcp, 443/tcp)

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