Crypto Currently: Prices for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Pandacoin



Well, thank god THAT’s over. It’s hard to say that stable cryptocurrency prices are sanity or not, but whatever it is, we has it. At least compared to yesterday.

To celebrate the return of (in)sanity to the markets, we’re featuring the adorably-named Pandacoin. Predictably, their marketing materials are equally adorbs.

According to Urban Legends “A group of rare Pandas will emerge from their bamboo-bases and congregate to perform violent and ritualistic sexual acts in order to facilitate the birth of a new era of Cryptocurrency. The legend says that two baby Panda offspring shall come forth and combine their ectoplasm and add a touch of soy sauce to create an omnipotent all knowing coin“.

Riiiight. I don’t know if it’s all-knowing (wouldn’t it have gotten out of itself before yesterday?) but it’s philosophically grounded, and we all know that just mints money, right?

Those are the claims. These are the prices:

Bitcoin: $500.98999999

Litecoin: $4.22000001

Dogecoin: $0.00011752

Pandacoin: $0.000015


Prices via Cryptsy

Featured image via Stefan on Flickr

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