Russian Higher Learning in the Crosshairs: target list from the IT Army of Ukraine

You know how this goes. Headlines by me, content by the IT Army of Ukraine. Today’s target list reminds me to get back on that whole “incorporating” thing. Hey, you can get fully accredited in Burkina Faso for less than $200US!

Let’s get into it!


What’s New

University admission campaign has begun in Russia today. We can interrupt online applications however it will be the least moral relief for Ukrainian students who had to deal with Russian invasion. Russian highest education wont be online!

Сьогодні початок прийому документів у російські вузи. Атакуючи цю ціль ми не можемо в повному обсязі компенсувати українським абітурієнтам всі ті труднощі, що створила для них країна агресор але зупинити роботу онлайн ресурсів вузів окупантів нам точно під силу!

Target List (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp) (80/tcp) (80/tcp) (443/tcp)

But wait, there’s more!



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