The Two Funniest, Most Important Videos from the Canadian Election

As all the world has heard by now, hunky, eloquent dynastic Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau is the new Prime Minister Elect of the People’s Republic of Canuckistan, his (arguably right-)centrist Liberal party having taken the most seats on Monday, October… Read More ›

The Illuminati Want YOU!

As a cyberwar and hacktivist news site, The Cryptosphere has long kept track on the shady international cabal of one percenters, Beyonce fans, and possible alien invaders known as The Illuminati. Occasionally, we even receive correspondence purporting to come from… Read More ›

Video: Bathtime for Barrett

Occasionally we at The Cryptosphere feel that the cyberwar/hacktivism world could use a little levity, and therefore we are pleased to present this otherwise news-value-free video by Xylergeist. It is nothing more nor less than a drag king recreation of Barrett Brown’s second most-famous… Read More ›