Film Friday: Carts of Darkness

Carts of Darkness poster

“It feels like freedom”. Poster via

Oh, a Canadian documentary. A Canadian documentary about the underprivileged. A Canadian documentary about the underprivileged finding a source of joy that unites them and gives their lives meaning and purpose.

Oh, how worthy.

Fuck that.

Watch this.

That’s the trailer, which I watched with a friend who’d worked on the Downtown Eastside, Vancouver’s Inner City, for many years. As each face popped up on screen he’d mumble, “There’s so-and-so. He’s dead,” one after the other after the other. At last count the only star of this film still alive was alive because he’s been A Guest of Her Majesty for some time, but the future is murky.

Here, then, is Carts of Darkness, possibly the most badass film to come out of Canada, and certainly the most dangerous to come out of the National Film Board. I’m including this in our Film Friday series because this is absolutely 100% a hacker’s approach to doing that job. You or I look at a grocery cart and we see a way to carry things to the checkout. These guys? See wings.

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  1. Someone reported on Reddit that they could see neither the Vimeo trailer nor the full length YouTube. If you’re having similar difficulty just drop a comment here and I’ll see if I can’t dig up another upload somewhere, and perhaps contact the filmmaker.


  2. Here is a different upload of the video:


  3. cant get Sneakers…the whole Cryptosphere post is Error404-img
    And cart of darkness doesn’t work,either upload.
    Just a square of darkness.
    Love the Cryptosphere though,keep up the great work.


  4. Oopsy….refreshed browser …..
    carts of darkness works now…sowwy😐


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