Film Friday Pairing: Battle Angel Alita and the Angel Face Cocktail

Battle Angel Alita is a 1993 cyberpunk anime film with a persistent, eloquent presence on “Most Underrated” lists. It’s due for a James Cameron-directed live action update next year, and we at Cryptosphere Global HQ sincerely join hands and bow… Read More ›

Blackhat: a Hacker’s Movie Review

Today’s review of Michael Mann’s “Blackhat” is by well-known activist and actor/producer Joe Fionda. Welcome to the Cryptosphere, Joe; I knew I’d break you eventually! “Blackhat” is an international hacker caper directed by Michael Mann, centering around a federally convicted hacker… Read More ›

Film Friday: Android

Tonight’s feature movie is so bad I doubt the copyright holder will even bother hitting YouTube with a takedown notice. It has 5.9 out of ten on IMDB. It’s Android, from 1982, starring Klaus Kinski, which is a perfect storm… Read More ›