Film Friday: George Orwell’s 1984 (the 1956 version) paired with the Cocaine and Cigarettes Cocktail

are we COMPLETELY sure Dick Cheney didn't write this book?

are we COMPLETELY sure Dick Cheney didn’t write this book?

For those of you who’ve always wondered where those memes come from on your most radical friend’s Facebook posts, or why that old Apple commercial is Such A Big Deal: well, half of the memes are from Animal Farm and the other half from 1984  and both are awesome, dystopian novels by British journalist and radical George Orwell. Here is the 1956 version of the movie adaptation in its entirety. It’s got 7 out of 10 stars on IMDB, and you know they’re a tough audience.

For the sake of my readership, I will announce the cocktail pairing as well. As the protagonist is a hopeless (ha, we kid! his hope makes him human and doomed. Cheers!) alcoholic who drowns his angst in Victory gin and cigarettes, we suggest pairing this movie with a Cocaine and Cigarettes cocktail from Yaletown’s Killjoy bar. It is not made with gin, but with the more recherche and working-class mescal, which gives it a smokiness unmatched among intoxicants. At least those that come in a bottle rather than a baggie.

As always, get it while you can; full length movies have a habit of disappearing from YouTube. And raise a glass in silent toast to the lawyer who decided the legal burden should be on the uploaders, not the viewers.


Featured Image 1984 by Patrick Hoesly on Flickr

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    About time I revived our Friday Films and Cocktail pairings. Here’s 1984 and the Cocaine and Cigarettes cocktail from Killjoy in Vancouver


  2. I didn’t understand this at all.


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