Crypto-Affirmation o’ the Day: YAN on FUD

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. It used to be an acronym: FUD. Now it’s a whole industry. The terrorists hate us for our freedom, so we better take away the freedoms so we can keep the freedoms safe https://t.co/q3m7t1wfpv — Anonymous (@YourAnonNews)… Read More ›


Originally posted on The Gad About Town:
The cane broke. Isn’t that all we need to know? The switch broke. Raymond Johansen allowed himself to be tortured yesterday in solidarity with Saudi writer Raif Badawi. He was hit 50 times…

Numbers: Autocorrect

The Internet will never be your friend, It isn’t now and won’t be at the end. It’s not a tool of which you are the master, It’s just a way to sell a little faster. No magic kingdom, this plutocracy,… Read More ›