Stocking (Mask) Stuffers: #Anonymous rolling papers

Anonymous Rolling Papers

Anonymous Rolling Papers

We are grateful to our friend @Miss_Cybernaut in the Serbian Pirate Party who drew our attention to this stunningly perfect gift item from At only twice the price of non-branded papers, it’s sure to give any revolutionary stoner the kick in the bong s/he needs to get Fighting The Power.

Anonymous and rolling papers go together like snitches and donuts, and we cannot imagine any Anon, smoker or non-smoker, failing to be completely thrilled at this commodification of what has become the definitive revolutionary movement of our time. In this we disagree with respected anthropologist Biella Coleman, who posits in her new book Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous that Anonymous is essentially un-commodifiable; au contraire, we say. A movement cannot influence the mainstream until the mainstream thinks it’s cool, idolizes and worships it, and the way a consumer society processes that is through the purchase and use of consumer goods. When everyone is Anonymous, when you can buy those masks at the Gap, then we will be truly Anonymous.

You can’t kill an idea. But you sure as hell can monetize it.

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  1. you know what you can do with it and it aint rolling any smokes


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