Essential #Ferguson Documents: Grand Jury Transcript, Evidence, Witness Interviews

Scars and Stripes

Scars and Stripes

There are hundreds of pages of information here, thoughtfully collated by the court transcriptionist and uploaded by  St. Louis Public Radio. Surely there are by now tens of thousands of analysis and recapping pieces on the internet, but here is the source material. This is what the Grand Jury saw, this and nothing else.

Darren Wilson’s testimony begins on page 195, and he first speaks of his encounter with Michael Brown on page 207, for those of you who like to skip ahead.

Darren Wilson Testimony in the Grand Jury Proceedings (Volume 5 of the entire transcript)

For those Fisking enthusiasts among us (and I know that you are here) we are hosting/mirroring that, the most contentious part of the trial, and linking to the remainder, including 24 evidence reports, 24 volumes of trascript, and 30 interviews from the SLPR site. Should we feel that they were at risk on DocumentCloud, we’ll download and mirror all of them.

There are some documents missing from the transcript, because they don’t exist. Although the police photographer showed up and hung around for quite some time, he reportedly declined to take any pictures, claiming the battery in his camera was dead.

Gawker has crowdsourced the research, and people are putting the most interesting snippets in the comments, for those of you who are more of a Coles/Cliff Notes persuasion.

The AP has found glaring contradictions and inconsistencies in the transcript. The America Bar Association isn’t happy either.

Ultimately, however, the final word on this case will not be found in the court transcripts. It will be found on Twitter.



Featured Image Scars and Stripes by Wes James on Tumblr

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