Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto Thanksgiving News

Welcome to Ferguson

Welcome to Ferguson

Happy Thanksgiving, Kittens! Or as we call it up in Canuckistan: Thursday.

We know you’re busy arguing with relatives you haven’t seen since this time last year, so we’ll leave you to that. But first, we’ll be servicey.

Here are some things to argue about with them!

Flash mob of anti-Police Violence protestors shuts down Macy’s parade (CounterCurrentNews)

The return of the Syrian Electronic Army (Techworm)

Turkish Communist hacktivist crew Redhack strikes again! (AnonHQ)

Mole for FBI pleads guilty to embezzling 30 million Icelandic crowns from WikiLeaks (

“Wiretapping” ATMs (Krebs)

The U.S. Army Has Quietly Created a New Commando Division (WarIsBoring)

Restaurant offering $35,000 Thanksgiving Dinner just saying “Think about it, okay?” (Dealbreaker)

How Much Did Goldman Sachs Make For Losing Muammar Gaddafi $1.2 Billion? (Dealbreaker)

Re-org at the CIA! (OvertAction)

‘Build homes in Hong Kong’s country parks to help the young’, say tycoons (EyeOnOccupy)

New Snowden documents point out tapped submarine cables (TheRegister)

New targeted, noninvasive treatments for mental illness to combine TMS and ultrasound (Kurzweil)

Most people don’t feel safe shopping online (HelpNet)

The Same Name Puzzle: Twitter users are more likely to follow others with the same first name, but nobody knows why (MIT)

War and Thanksgiving (WarOnTheRocks)

Kim Dotcom leaves bail hearing a free man. For now. (TorrentFreak)

Meet the Weed Snobs (DangerousMinds)

Ferguson public library accepts Bitcoin donations (CoinDesk)

Kurt Anderson meets the Singularity (VanityFair)

Lessons on censorship from Syria’s internet filter machines (TechDirt)


Featured Image from fixedgear on Flickr



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