Interwebbed: Cyber & Crypto News for April 27

Anonymous What Are You Doing to Make the World a Better Place via @LatestAnonNews on Twitter

Anonymous What Are You Doing to Make the World a Better Place via @LatestAnonNews on Twitter

Black hat, grey hat, white hat, or Guy Fawkes mask, it’s time to gird your cranium and throw yourself headlong into the work week. We at The Cryptosphere Global HQ have been very busy on a couple of special projects coming soon in May, if the crick don’t rise and the Gibson don’t get hacked again. Stay tuned for updates on that. In the meantime, here are your crunchy, nutritious morning news links.

Wasn’t it Nietzsche who said that when we cease to worship the old gods, whatever we DO worship becomes the new god? The same principles work in the economy. Since we are no longer producing actual things any more, what does our economy produce? (Medium)

Anonymous announces Operation Mayday (AnonIntelGroup)

New browser attack can spy on 80% of the browsers in the world, most likely including yours. The more up to date you are, the more vulnerable. Welcome to the world of zero days (Forbes)

Getting to know Operation Death Eaters, the Anonymous operation to end pedophilia rings at the highest levels of society and government around the world. Many scalps taken already, more to come (also Medium)

Why Bitcoin’s male domination may be its downfall. I dunno, maybe because diversity is a source of strength? If you want more women in Bitcoin, give us more surplus money to play around with (Fusion)

Indentured servitude in the 21st century: press-ganged into door-to-door magazine sales crews, abandoned hundreds of miles from home. Why are the overpriced sales legal, how do companies get away with treating workers like this, and what can we do about it? (TheAtlantic)

The NSA so loves the data it collects, that it generally refrains from making it available to the agencies on whose behalf it collects it. (ArsTechnica)

Longreads: Have you ever thought about killing someone? A twisted tale of erotic fixation and failure at the end of one life and the beginning of another. If you’ve ever thought Donnie Darko would make a pretty snappy Broadway musical, this is the true crime story for you (Matter)

NYPD PR budget goes into Wikipedia editing to make themselves look less bloodthirsty (NewRepublic)

Find out if your mobile carrier is tracking your phone by clicking this button. But it is. It totally is. (AmIBeingTracked)

Trolling level: Expert. Thousands send Hillary Clinton cigars (ElectLeaders)

Benedict Arnold: Terrorist? Why not, we’ve called him everything else. If it’s all terror, then yay, war is over! (TacticalShit)

Bitcoin may hold the key to evolution. Then again, I read Childhood’s End…it’s a mixed blessing at best (CoinDesk)

Bounty Hunters, Bondsmen, and the People Who Owe Them; a photoessay on the dark, for profit underbelly of law enforcement and investigation (TheMarshallProject)

Unregulated “release cards” throw newly freed prisoners into economic slavery; think the way credit cards prey on college kids, and multiply it by a factor of ten, then remove the legal restrictions (AlJazeera)

Regretting your third Scotch and the resulting curiosity porn searches? We’ve got your back: How to delete everything Google knows about you. (GeekRepublic)

Need a burner credit card because some website needs a number even for a free product? Yeah, we’ve got you covered (GetCreditCardNumbers)

When something called the Capital Institute recommends finding a third choice between capitalism and socialism, it gets our attention. When it says the future of the planet might depend on it, even moreso (Guardian)

New US Department of Defence Cyberstrategy document explicitly outlines offensive strategy, in contrast to earlier, defensive-forward policies (StefanoMele)


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