Salman Rushdie chastises authors protesting PEN’s Charlie Hebdo tribute

Either speech is free or it is not. PEN exists to support the right of writers to say things others may seek to punish them for. Surely anyone intelligent enough to work the alphabet understands that this means it exists to defend speech others find offensive. To choose PCism over freedom of speech indicates a split with PEN’s fundamental principles so severe that the writers in question should just resign.

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  1. how utterly ridiculous of any of them to refuse to show up.


  2. Raincoaster, I’m sorry to bust in on your brilliant blog. Here’s another really good piece on this PEN award controversy:
    Hope you won’t want to bitch-slap me for asking this here:
    I’m tearing my hair out, wandering through pages & pages of wordpress help forums (logged in) where there is nowhere anywhere anyplace to post a question.
    All I want is to add some space at the beginning of some lines. (Why is that so difficult?!)
    I get that you can use


    to preserve formatting from another source.
    But that wipes out the font, because the source font isn’t the wordpress default font.
    (My blog’s objectives is to be pretty. Courier font sort of ruins it.)
    So now my only question is: what is the wordpress default font called?
    Can I specify that font? After using




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