Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for March 31

Elitism: the final frontier! Pic via TheAnonNews on Facebook

Elitism: the final frontier! Pic via TheAnonNews on Facebook

It’s Random Attack Day, kittens! Why does China hate Github? Why does the Ukraine hate Rutgers? Why do Anons hate Anons? Bloggers jailed! Protesters kettled!

Of our several-day involuntary hiatus from the interwebs we shall not speak, except to say #BlameTheFeds. In all honestly, it’s probably really Linksys’ fault, but let’s #BlameTheFeds anyway. It’s sort of the default around here. Some people blame the full moon, some say it’s Mercury in retrograde, but for us, it’s #BlameTheFeds. Or Sabu. That would work, too. We still haven’t dropped that bombshell on him, have we? Stay tuned, kittens. We can’t hold on to info this hot forever!

Meanwhile, here are some links to keep you occupied until we do:

Feds working on the Silk Road case skimmed Bitcoin, money laundered, may have blackmailed Ulbricht (Gizmodo)

The great Anonymous divide (Passcode)

CERN wants your help! (ThePort)

How to get away with a lifetime of art forgery (BBC)

Singapore blogger jailed for critical Lee Kuan Yew video (CommitteeToProtectJournalists)

The 5 largest hosting companies have been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (TheHackerNews)

Rutgers University DDoS’d by state sponsored attack (NBC)

RadioShack sells off customer data to appease creditors (TheColumbusDispatch)

NSA: We were just about to stop spying on everyone before Snowden spoke out (TheWeek)

Github being hammered by China (TheRegister)

Personal details of world leaders accidentally revealed by G20 organisers (Guardian)

Google Bullies, Censors MintPress & Over Abu Ghraib Photos (MintPressNews)

Dear Quebec police, please go kettle yourselves (Ricochet)


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