Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden Beams Into Vancouver, Talks #PanamaPapers, #BigData, #Security

Edward Snowden skyped into Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre for a talk entitled “Big Data, Security, and Human Rights” on April 5, and here it is! We’re a little behind with our Snowden Events coverage, but I blame Simon Fraser University,… Read More ›

Trolling Level: Nobel Prize

Presented without further comment: Well, just one little comment: the actual Nobel Prize Twitter account has 165,000 Twitter followers. This upstart has only 17 at the time of posting this article. The real winners were the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet…. Read More ›

Numbers: Onomastics

“Midway through this life of ours I found myself in a dark wood, for the straight way was lost.” – Dante Alighieri We name the things we fear And by so doing, weaken them. When what we dread’s unclear We… Read More ›