Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for June 18

Hello by Matt Gibson on Flickr

Hello by Matt Gibson on Flickr

Hello again, and welcome to another edition of Thursday. It’s an unusually lively day, cyberwar- and hacktivism-wise, so let’s get right to it. It’s late, so we are just going to assume you’re sufficiently caffeinated; we can’t hold your hand ALL damn day.

FBI, While Hating On Encryption, Starts Encrypting All Visits To Its Website (Techdirt)

The Zero-Armed Bandit: The largest domestic terror bomb in US history, until the WTC bombing in ’96 (DamnInteresting)

AT&T just got hit with a $100 million fine after slowing down its ‘unlimited’ data (WaPo)

Alternate title “It Was An Inside Job:” Encryption “would not have helped” at OPM, says DHS official (ArsTechnica)

But for reals, it was an inside job: The US agency plundered by Chinese hackers made one of the dumbest security moves possible (BusinessInsider)

Debunking the “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” myth (Falkvinge)

As I am not Aspie, I do not need this: Meet Pepper – the robot with a heart who can tell how you’re feeling (IrishExaminer)

John McAfee: A cyber world in crisis (SiliconAngle)

Download o’ the Day: Trustwave Report claims hackers make 1,425% returns using just two attacks (Trustwave)

Anonymous DDoS’s Canadian government websites (Tripwire)

DuckDuckGo search traffic soars 600% post-Snowden (NakedSecurity)

Millennials Demand Web Freedoms in ‘Digital Magna Carta’ (CoinTelegraph)

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