Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for June 17

Oh, you fancy, huh? Gold Bar ATM by Raj Taneja on Flickr

Oh, you fancy, huh? Gold Bar ATM by Raj Taneja on Flickr

Some places have Pepsi in vending machine. Some places have burner phones. Some places have used schoolgirl panties. And then some countries have actual gold bars. Welcome to Singapore, where they like their money portable, but more palpable than digital.

Also, welcome to Wednesday. As you may have noticed, we’ve been afk for a few days. Posting will remain light while we’re running around in meatspace working on PLANS BIG PLANS WE’VE GOT BIG PLANS FOR THE FUTURE. In the meantime, anyone wishing to donate an intern can reach us via the contact page!

On to the news!

Sabu’s old AMA on Reddit (Reddit)

Facebook Law Enforcement Guidelines Leaked! (OpenTransparency)

Teenager spends seven years in pretrial custody on Rikers Island (NYPost)

Author of horrible Times Anti-Snowden article admits it’s propaganda, not journalism (Gawker)

Glenn Greenwald’s Response to Horrible Times Anti-Snowden article (TheIntercept)

Horrible Times Anti-Snowden Article (Times)

Esperanto Vivas! (NPR)

Understanding the Economics of Cyber Defense (DefendersDilemma)

How College Athletes Avoid Criminal Charges (ESPN)

The Tragic Legacy of Peacekeeper Babies (NationalPost)

FBI Whistleblower: “U.S Is Reviving Terror Scare With ISIS To Promote The Terror War Industry” (RealitiesWatch)

Does WikiLeaks distribute malware in the GI Files? (JoshWieder) Featuring new, super-convenient timing to scare people away from the files Sabu ordered Jeremy Hammond to obtain.

KYAnonymous declares war on the haters (Pastebin)

Download o’ the Day: Naval Counterterrorism Operations (FAS)

Lastpass hacked 2015 (Lifehacker)

Lastpass hacked 2011 (Slashgear)


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