Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Nov 12

Pew Pew Lazor Cat via Jonathan Lark in 2600 on Fedbook

Pew Pew Lazor Cat via Jonathan Lark in 2600 on Fedbook

Welcome back, kittens! First a head injury, then hardware collapse; it’s never dull chez Cryptosphere, that’s for sure. Here’s our top selection of the (literally) 938 links we collected but could not post over the past two weeks. Enjoy. Also, lazorcat gif. Pew pew.

Your tax dollars at work: Tor says Feds paid Carnegie Mellon $1million to unmask users (Wired)

Meet the shadowy tech brokers that deliver your data to the NSA. In case you don’t meet them on Sandhill Road (ZDNet)

Prettiest tech you’ll see today: watch the internet, live at Torflow (Torflow)

China Arrested 900 Hackers With International Cooperation (CyberWarZone) You mean ther were some left that weren’t working for the government?

Class war in action: Canada spends more money managing poverty than it would cost to eliminate it (LeadersAndLegacies)

How circumventing a news paywall became an $11,470 infringement lawsuit (TheTyee) Gee, was the article THAT good?

Hackers gonna hack, but why? Maybe Freud knows (Guardian)

Gabriella Coleman releases new chapter to the definitive book on Anonymous, for November 5 (Gabriella Coleman)

Big Data’s Radical Potential (Jacobin) An intriguing proposition for the Digital Revolution

Meeting Edward Snowden, by Arundhati Roy (OutlookIndia)

Victim of alleged sexual assault at Halifax frat house to proceed with investigation after Anonymous video (GlobalNews)

Protonmail gives in to DDoS extortioners, pays $6,000 ransom (GrahamCluley)

How bad is the TPP? See for yourself, the entire thing is online (NZ)

The Effects of Surveillance on the Victims (Schneier)

Scottish Twitter: a thing of beauty and a joy forever (Imgur)

What, me worry? Pentagon farmed out its coding to Russia (DailyBeast)

Conjured criminals: A history of imagined perpetrators (BBC)

Scariest Tweet of the Day:

The Raif Badawi Prize to release a music video by Lola Perrin, noon tomorrow. Here’s a teaser:

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