CIA Loses Over Three Weeks Worth of FOIA Requests, Senate’s CIA Torture Report Excludes Interviews with those Subjected to Most Brutal Treatment, and More: FRINFORMSUM 11/26/2014

All about the CIA and its Memory Hole problem. It “lost” those FOI requests. Heh.



If you made any FOIA requests to the CIA using their electronic submission portal between October 14 and November 6, you’re going to need to resend them. Buried in the CIA’s Electronic Reading Room is a notice that it lost over three weeks of requests: “Our eFOIA request form is now working. However, electronic submissions made in the past few weeks did not reach the office of the Information and Privacy Coordinator. Therefore, if you made an online request between 14 October and 6 November requests will have to be re-submitted.”

A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report found that Custom and Border Protection (CBP) forgot about 12,000 FOIA requests from 2012. Apparently after the agency’s reorganization, “a new manager found a stack of boxes containing 12,000 paper requests from 2012 that had never been entered into their processing system.” The CBP reported it processed the thousands of requests after they…

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