The Drone Wars Have Begun: Meet Rambro

We’ve found the first super-warrior of the long-feared Drone Wars. He has taken his first victim. He is RAMBRO! After a youth spent calmly munching grass in the pastoral mountainside of New Zealand, as he turned towards adulthood something in… Read More ›

Friday CyberFilms: Four Lions

We’re familiar with the concept of ruthless, unstoppable jihadis laying waste to Western values, culture, and lives; it’s how the Pentagon gets its money. We’re less familiar with the concept of jihadi wannabes, particularly in the context of comedy. Meet… Read More ›

Linked In, Kicked Out

A family’s LinkedIn posts have been used against them in a case which stripped the (now formerly) Canadian family of their citizenship and gifted them with court costs of $63,000, over and above what they’ve paid to fight the case so… Read More ›

God Hates Bitcoin

Okay, that’s it. I’m moving all my money to Cthulhu-based cryptocurrency. Tucson, Arizona’s only Bitcoin ATM was struck by lightning last Friday. Tucson remains stuck in the dark ages ever since, unable to obtain Bitcoin except through such venerable, traditional… Read More ›