Friday CyberFilms: Four Lions

Four lions, one crow

Four lions, one crow

We’re familiar with the concept of ruthless, unstoppable jihadis laying waste to Western values, culture, and lives; it’s how the Pentagon gets its money. We’re less familiar with the concept of jihadi wannabes, particularly in the context of comedy.

Meet Four Lions.

This award-winning comedy follows a group of hapless would-be holy warriors from Sheffield as they gamely attempt to weaponize the fearsome wildlife of the British countryside, blow up something important, and hopefully end up in Paradise with those 72 virgins (because you’re not going to find them in Sheffield, my friend). The movie has four and a half stars on IMDB, is one of the top 5000 rated movies there.

And Benedict Cumberbatch is in it, so what more reason do you need to watch it?

As writer/director Chris Morris put it, “Terrorism is about ideology, but it’s also about berks.”

Meet the berks.

As always, watch it while you can. No telling what YouTube will do with it.


Featured Image via Charles Frith on Blogspot

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