Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for April 20

Haters Gonna Hate...Anonymous! via Trollonymous on Blogspot

Haters Gonna Hate…Anonymous! via Trollonymous on Blogspot

Deadly Kung Fu Con Men! Cyber-Hype! Counterinsurgency and the Slow Parade of Fears! Welcome to the first cyber news headline roundup of the rest of your life, kittens! We won’t stand in your way, so go to it!

Facelift: How Decentralized Social Networks Could Make Crypto Cool (CoinTelegraph)

Why Counterinsurgency Doesn’t Work (ForeignAffairs)

Hyping the Iranian Threat (Passcode)

And the Slow Parade of Fears (WashingtonsBlog)

Canadian intelligence caught clandestinely backing Islamic State (TheFifthColumn)

Rethinking the Cyber Kill Chain (Invincea)

Leveraging The Kill Chain For Awesome (DarkReading)

The Battle of Little Bitcoin: Native American Tribe Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency (Forbes)

Arizona arts group hacked by Middle Eastern hackers (AZCentral)

New Darkweb Market Sells Zero Day Exploits (Wired)

If the police have nothing to hide, why do they hate bodycameras? (WaPo)

The French Surveillance State (NYT)

New Zealand and the NSA Conspired to Hack China (TheIntercept)

Security guidance for early Internet of Things adopters (HelpNet)

Labour market deregulations not working: International Monetary Fund (CBC)

How Commercial Satellite Analytics May Help Nab Terrorists (DefenseTech)

Hacking in the Contribution Economy (GuerrillaTranslation)

Piracy increases literacy (TorrentFreak)

Less Than 2 Percent Of Terrorist Attacks In The E.U. Are Religiously Motivated (ThinkProgress)

Fake kung fu master: “I killed them in a sudden and unexpected way” (ElPais)

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