Penticton woman held against her will in care home for more than 2 years

Unthinkable, yet OpLiberation from Anonymous told us about dozens of similar cases in schools for troubled children. It’s just a matter of time before we learn about more examples of this in abuse of the elderly and the mentally ill.

Global News

PENTICTON – It’s an unthinkable mistake that stole more than two years of Nancy Varcoe’s freedom. The Penticton woman was admitted to hospital for mental health related issues in 2011, then transferred to Westview Place care home in Penticton. When she tried to leave, she was told she wasn’t fit to go home.

She first shared her story with Global News three years ago, while she was still inside the home. “They’re holding me against my will,” said Varcoe back in 2012, “I medically don’t need to be here.”

Turns out, she was right.

Nancy’s husband, David Varcoe, rallied for his wife’s release. The couple claims an Interior Health Employee forged Nancy’s signature on a document taking away David’s rights as Power of Attorney, then signed those rights over to the Public Guardian and Trustee, a provincial agency that protects those declared mentally incapable of doing it themselves.

When asked…

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