Interwebbed: #Cyber & #Crypto #News for April 17

Inside Cyber Space by Lars Kristian Flem on Flickr

Inside Cyber Space by Lars Kristian Flem on Flickr

TGIF, kittens, by which we mean Thank the Gibson it’s Firefox, of course. Why, what did you think we meant?

A dramatic week comes to a close, heralding, no doubt, a dramatic weekend. Here’s all the 411 you need* to terrify and amaze everyone at the BBQ/fun run/hackerspace with your staggering knowledge of cyberwar and hacktivism.

Hacker In Trouble With Feds After Tweeting About ‘Playing’ With Plane Comms Mid-Flight (Forbes)

Evicted and Abandoned: the World Bank’s Broken Promise to the Poor (ICIJ)

Private Companies’ Cyberwar: Caught in the Middle of the ‘Military Internet Complex (Tripwire)

Colombian hacker who spied on gov-rebel peace talks jailed for 10 years (TheRegister)

Germany Is the Tell-Tale Heart of America’s Drone Wars (TheIntercept)

Dawn of the Sexbots (VanityFair)

Surveillance system used for censorship in Europe (GoodCrypto)

AEI – Norse: Subverting Cyber Security Research For Political Fear-Mongering (DigitalDao)

Drug-buying bot vindicated, criminal case dropped (HopesAndFears)

Wikipedia sues NSA (AnonHQ)

Are we owned by NSA? Bitcoin Experts Discuss How to Evade Hardware Hacking (CoinTelegraph)


* does not apply in Germany, Brazil, Stanford, or Langley, Virginia.

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