The Two Funniest, Most Important Videos from the Canadian Election

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper points out a wedge issue and commands his PMO staff to secure it

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper points out a wedge issue and commands his PMO staff to secure it. Via Things Harper Does To Seem Human on Tumblr

As all the world has heard by now, hunky, eloquent dynastic Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau is the new Prime Minister Elect of the People’s Republic of Canuckistan, his (arguably right-)centrist Liberal party having taken the most seats on Monday, October 20th’s historic election.

In case you are not au fait with the leading issues deciding the election, the irrepressible and infamous Taiwanese Animators have condensed them into this 90-second wunderkammer of an insane and insanely accurate news reel featuring a flying niquab, a brutal game of moose hockey, and a gaggle of scientists taken hostage by outgoing PM Stephen Harper. Bonus points for Rob Ford cameo.

Our second feature video focuses more specifically on the Liberal candidate. Uniting the oft-at-odds East and West in his very bloodlines, literally embodying the best of Canada Past from his father’s glory days, and doing his level best to represent the best of Canada Future, Justin Trudeau ran on a platform of (obligatory) relief and support for the middle class, restoring Canada’s international profile of environmental and peacekeeping leadership, and Bringing Sexy Back.

What’s the secret to Justin Trudeau’s appeal? This intrepid citizen journalist from YouTube may have the answer.

Our media critic has just one comment:

nailed it

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  1. Gotta love a man who not only looks good doing a striptease, but also neatly folds his clothes and puts them in an orderly pile. How Canadian!


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