Interwebbed @Bjork Themed Cyber and Crypto News for Oct 26

Diddy calling Bjork, via Nick Bouton on Facebook

Diddy calling Bjork, via Nick Bouton on Facebook

I’m 90% sure that GIF conversation was transcribed verbatim.

We’re very fond of Bjork chez Cryptosphere, because reasons, and so our Monday cyberwar and hacktivism news links for today are dedicated to her unique brand of “crazy-like-an-arctic-fox.” Indeed, are we not all many people inside our minds? Ha ha ha ha!

Bitcoin Startup Cleared of Breaching Securities Law (Coindesk) Ah, Bitcoin mania. I remember you.

Matt DeHart, Amerithrax, and the CIA: a jailhouse interview (MediaRoots) This interview is an Alarm Call to us all.

Denver police arrest 10 activists for building free housing for the homeless in public park (RawStory) They’d better move to a Hidden Place.

The Real Power of ISIS (DailyBeast) Their soldiers may be doomed, but until they do they are Violently Happy.

Russian Ships Near Data Cables Are Too Close for U.S. Comfort (NYT) which is ironic, because twenty years ago it was the other way around. Submarine drama.

TalkTalk CEO admits security fail, says hacker emailed ransom demand (TheRegister) Will they tell the blackmailer to Sod Off?

How real is the risk of visual hacking? (InformationAge) Let’s put it this way: Possibly Maybe.

Why Do Top Government Personnel Keep Using Private Email for Official Business? (DefenseOne) Guys? It’s Not Up To You!

Can bounty hunters stop the DDoS gangs? (SCMagazine) Why, you finding the FBI isn’t enough? It could be said that bounty hunting doxers and DDoS artistes share a Mutual Core.

On Foreign Disclosure of U.S. Intelligence (FAS) Where is the line?

What happens if robots take the jobs? The impact of emerging technologies on employment and public policy (Brookings) The Modern Things can be scary.

Court prohibits lawsuit against FBI for alleged abuse (TheHill) and also… Judge dismisses Wikimedia lawsuit over NSA surveillance (Reuters) Ask courts about your right to privacy and suddenly It’s Oh So Quiet.

Russia’s MinFin Wants to Jail Bitcoin Users for 4 Years (CoinTelegraph) Will they get 5 Years?

Pharma Agent Buying Drugs from Darknet for Testing (DeepDotWeb) How much for Oxygen?

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