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Interwebbed @Bjork Themed Cyber and Crypto News for Oct 26

I’m 90% sure that GIF conversation was transcribed verbatim. We’re very fond of Bjork chez Cryptosphere, because reasons, and so our Monday cyberwar and hacktivism news links for today are dedicated to her unique brand of “crazy-like-an-arctic-fox.” Indeed, are we… Read More ›

Happy Twitterversary, CIA!

Various US government agencies are on social media, with varying degrees of awesomeness or face-palmery. As US government agencies on social media go, relative newcomer the CIA is pretty much the best. Not in terms of giving out actual information:… Read More ›

Matt DeHart Deported to US

Matt DeHart, the former member of Anonymous’ Project Chanology whose application for political refugee status was recently declined by Canada, has been handed over to American police at the border. He was transferred on the morning of Sunday, March 1,… Read More ›