Matt DeHart Deported to US

Am I now to be given into the hands of my torturers? via Free Matt DeHart on Facebook

Am I now to be given into the hands of my torturers? via Free Matt DeHart on Facebook

Matt DeHart, the former member of Anonymous’ Project Chanology whose application for political refugee status was recently declined by Canada, has been handed over to American police at the border. He was transferred on the morning of Sunday, March 1, the perfect time to avoid inconvenient and embarrassing media attention.

His American lawyer Tor Ekeland previously told us that he and his family were hoping to be given to local law enforcement rather than back into the hands of the FBI, whom DeHart alleges drugged and tortured him in pursuit of information about an elusive file uploaded years ago to a server Matt operated. So far so good, as DeHart spent the night in Niagara County Jail at Lockport, New York, having been transferred at Niagara Falls, as Ekeland predicted.

The fundraiser stands at just over $1,900 at the moment. The DeHarts have already sold their house to pay for their expenses over the three year ordeal; they lost $10,000 in a single bureaucratic boondoggle that resulted in Matt losing house arrest and going back to a supermax prison. The family had been ordered by the landlord to move to a different apartment unit, as theirs had incoming tenants, but the supervisory office they were required to notify was closed (it was Good Friday) so they could only email instead of appear in person, as the rules dictated. Yes, in Canada that’s a $10,000 mistake.

His parents remain in Toronto, facing their own deportation order, and preparing to leave for an uncertain future in an unspecified location, now homeless, back in the land they once proudly called home.

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  2. What , exactly , did he steal , and who did he give it to ? The russians ? The whole world ?

    Kind of need to know before I praise / condem him.


    • Nothing at all. He owned a server on which a mysterious file was uploaded and deleted. It may or may not have been bound for WikiLeaks.

      Read the earlier article about him which I linked to above. It’s a very complex case but he’s not accused of theft. He’s accused of child pornography, although the actual paperwork indicates its an espionage investigation instead.


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