Happy Twitterversary, CIA!

CIA Twitterversary tweets curated by Peter Wade on Tumblr

CIA Twitterversary tweets curated by Peter Wade on Tumblr

Various US government agencies are on social media, with varying degrees of awesomeness or face-palmery. As US government agencies on social media go, relative newcomer the CIA is pretty much the best. Not in terms of giving out actual information: oh, perish the thought! Not really in their job description. But in terms of sly self-awareness and postmodern jocularity, which is, let’s admit it, what we are really looking for on social media.

We can get our “No comment” over the phone just like in the Olden Days, thankyouverymuch.

So, here’s to the first Twitterversary of the @CIA! To the jocular, and to the slyly self-aware, we raise a saucer of milk. If you can’t beat ’em, troll ’em, eh?

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