Security Startup Illusive Networks Uses Deception To Catch Hackers

Potemkin Hacking! Tricking hackers into thinking they’ve succeeded, when in reality they’ve been hacked themselves. Interesting idea. It’ll certainly go a long way towards cleaning out the skiddies.


Imagine you’re a red-blooded hacker and you want to break into a corporate network. You find your way in, probably by stealing someone’s credentials. Then you go to work. You move around until you find another lock to pick and slowly, steadily, patiently you go deeper and deeper into the network until you find the prize you’re seeking.

But what if that picked lock the hacker thought was a way to go further was in fact a trap carefully laid to trick them. That’s precisely what Illusive Networks, a startup from Israeli security incubator Team8 is trying to do.

The company came out of stealth today with $5 million in Series A funding from Team8, a company we wrote about last fall.

Illusive knows hackers want to exploit weaknesses in the network, so it takes advantage of that. “Instead of focusing on the malware, focus on the attacker.” says Illusive Networks’ CEO Shlomo…

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