Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for June 10

Tinfoil hat and tinfoil cat by Bill D on Twitter

Tinfoil hat and tinfoil cat by Bill D on Twitter

Tinfoil chapeaux donned? Seatbelts fastened? Malwarebytes run? Stimulants ingested? Excellent, you’re fully prepared for hump day. Bite the pillow, kittens: Wednesday goes in dry.

Eff You, Axl Rose, by Barrett Brown (TheBarrettBrownReviewOfArtsAndLetters)

Kaspersky Lab a victim of Duqu intrusion (HelpNet)

For the first time, a computer independently created and proved a scientific theory (Wired)

Silk Road collateral damage: Reason Magazine Subpoena Stomps on Free Speech (Bloomberg)

World Bank’s Business-Lending Arm Backed Palm Oil Producer Amid Deadly Land War (ICIJ/Huffpo)

FBI Alert Reveals ‘Groups’ Behind OPM Hack (FreeBeacon)

New CoinDesk Report Reveals Who Really Uses Bitcoin (CoinDesk)

Letter from Guccifer (Cryptome)

Bitfortip: Combining ‘Yahoo! Answers’ with Digital Currency (CoinTelegraph)

The Rule of Law Ascends In…CHINA? (Ozy)

McKinney pool party pistol-packing po-po packs it in (Reuters)

Photoessay: #DallastoBaltimore: #BlackLivesMatter meets #OpenCarry (TheMessage)

Reporters Committee prevails in effort to unseal Petraeus docs (ReportersCommittee)

Inside an undercover network trying to expose Islamic State’s atrocities (WaPo)

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