Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for June 9

SEa hack mil

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks US Military Domain

Welcome to Tuesday, kittens. It’s one day closer to Friday than Monday is, and for that reason alone, it is close to our hearts. Pour yourself a cup of something bracing and, if you work in the US military, fill a canteen with some: you’re going to need it today. Ready? Let’s begin.

The Syrian Electronic Army hacked and defaced the US domain (GeekRepublic)

Narcissism and terrorism: how the personality disorder leads to deadly violence (Guardian)

Facebook’s “Free Internet for All” project given the Old Yeller treatment (FastCo)

EU: Copyright legislation is driving people to piracy (TorrentFreak)

Fintech ‘As a Bridge Out of Poverty’ to Fight Financial Exclusion (Cointelegraph)

The Hobby Lobby Sex Slave Scandal…that wasn’t (Reason)

The Brief and Tragic Life of Kalief Browder (TheAtlantic)

How 2 Murderers Escaped From a New York Maximum-Security Prison (NYT)

A 30 Second Nap Could Be All a Hacker Needs to Rootkit Your Mac (Intego)

The 18th Century’s Secret Female Marine (Ozy)

Where is the Money Moving? (WealthX)

Will DARPA’s Disaster Robots Ever Go to War? Never Say Never (DefenseOne)

Are the latest cyber-attacks on US government really a false flag to tighten the Surveillance screws? (Shhhcretly)

Antiquated environment and bad security practices aided OPM hackers (HelpNet)

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