Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for July 3

Reaction GIF cartoon courtesy Rob Cottingham at

Reaction GIF cartoon courtesy Rob Cottingham at

It’s a Freaky Friday indeed…indeed we’re not even sure you’re reading this, so many of our readers have already taken off for the boondocks, the hinterlands, or just the basement, cutting off all contact with the outside world in a desperate, and futile, attempt to convince their Facebook friends that they’re at some swank beach resort. Well, for the three of you who HAVE tuned in today, we present your news roundup.

Please prepare yourself with the latest updates of Flash, Adobe Everything, and whatever your favoured brand of Linux may be. Oh, and an iced coffee, just to be properly seasonal. Ready? Let’s begin.

Who Owns Your Face? Facial Recognition Law is a Land Grab (TheAtlantic)

Good news! Court rules YouTube does not have to spend every waking moment proactively looking for copyright violations (TorrentFreak)

The Haunted Submarine of WWI (MysteriousUniverse)

My letter from CSIS and why Bill C-51 must be stopped (NationalObserver)

Brazil’s Pirate Party breaks 100,000 Followers/Likes on Facebook (PirateTimes)

“Oh. Gee. Did we say $79,000 to respond to your FOIA request? We meant…something else. We’re not sure what. But definitely something,” says McKinney, Texas (Gawker)

As Hollywood Lobbied State Department, It Built Free Home Theaters for U.S. Embassies (ProPublica)

Exclusive: Minds Founder Talks Transparency, Security, Anonymous and Evolution (HackRead)

Don’t buy an iPhone case that looks like a handgun, stupid! (Mashable)

Google photo app tags black people as gorillas (WSJ)

100+ police officers show up to help evict a foreclosed-upon cancer patient (DailyMail)

Brian Clark, Former Indiewire Publisher and Digital Media Producer, Dies (IndieWire)

Researcher who Faked HIV Vaccine Trial Data gets 4 Year Jail Sentence (IFLScience)

A Look Under The Hood of the NSA’s XKeyscore (TheIntercept)

Payments Firm Backs ‘Crazy’ Offline Bitcoin Transactions Experiment (CoinDesk)

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