Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for June 19

suits and spooks via Twitter

suits and spooks via Twitter

We made it to Friday, kittens! Well, kitten. A significant portion of our readership is probably in transit, en route to New York City, either to attend the Suits and Spooks conference or to protest outside of it. Still, who here has not surfed the web via satphone before, right? Right.

Here’s all the news that will be shoptalk at the event as well as on the sidewalk outside it. And HEY MEDIA, you could sound almost caught up if you can read these before doing your interviews tomorrow. Just a suggestion.

Secret Service agent who stole $820K from Silk Road and drove DPR to attempted murder pleads guilty (ArsTechnica)

The flag that Dylann Roof embraced, which many South Carolinians embrace, endorses the violence he committed (TheAtlantic)

The Whistleblower’s Tale: How Jeffrey Sterling Took On The CIA — And Lost Everything (TheIntercept)

Doomed to Repeat History: Lessons from the Cyberwars of the 90’s (OpenTechnologyInstitute)

Flashbacks: Revealing the US government sock puppet operation (Guardian)

False flags, red herrings and wild goose chases: Why unmasking hackers is harder than ever (ZDnet)

Duality of the Nameless Surveilled Consumer in a Post-2015 World (TheFifthColumn)

Buried in Jeb Bush’s Website: A Die Hard Surprise (NYT)

Deadly Force: Police Use of Lethal Force In The United States (AmnestyInternational)

Everything We Know About Dee Dee Blancharde’s Twisted Ozarks Murder (Gawker)

Google announces Ramadan Online! (Google)

Anti-Piracy Service, Guard Content, ‘Protects’ Rights Holder From Additional Sales, His Own Kickstarter Page (TechDirt)

WhatsApp ranked worst at protecting user data (NakedSecurity)

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