Video: Bathtime for Barrett

Barrett Brown Cheers

Barrett Brown Cheers

Occasionally we at The Cryptosphere feel that the cyberwar/hacktivism world could use a little levity, and therefore we are pleased to present this otherwise news-value-free video by Xylergeist. It is nothing more nor less than a drag king recreation of Barrett Brown’s second most-famous video, the infamous bubble bath video, starring YouTuber Hellender.

Brown, currently serving a four-year sentence for (basically) sharing a link to publicly available material in an internet chat, has never been what you might call shy, but conducting hacktivism-related video chats while enjoying a bubble bath and an apparently tasty glass of red wine did set a new benchmark for informality in journalistic videoconferencing. What followed was inevitable.

The original:

The re-enactment:


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4 replies

  1. Lel,gud article again @raincoaster.Keep the great work going,I luk forward to my email goin off and finding Cryptoshere in it.


  2. Keep the grr8 articles comin @raincoaster,I luk forward to them every day ,fan koo


  3. What happened to the “Enjoy?” video??!!! I, so much, enjoyed, even needed that, as backup that Part II video! Where did it go?


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